May 18, 2012


That's how much I weighted this morning.

Which. Is. AWESOME!

So, I have been a skinny bean pole my whole life. Around the time I found out I was pregnant I weighted somewhere between 125-130, which was the most I have ever weighted. I'm 5'7" so 130 is the average weight for that height. During my pregnancy I gained around 40-45 pounds, which I know isn't terrible but it wasn't necessarily ideal either. I lost 10 pounds of baby, placenta, and water immediately and in the last 16 weeks I have lost 15 more pounds. That's about a pound a week. Somehow, I thought it would have dissappeared fast, but alas, my body seems to like the weight, hense the reason for this post...

I started working out Monday! I'm not really all that excited about it. I have never had to work out before and I never really wanted to start, but it looks like I'm being forced. I was not-so-secretely hoping that nursing would take care of it all for me.
There it is.

Looks like a pretty simple core routine, right? WRONG! This thing kicked my butt on Monday. I found it on Pinterest and I'm sorry but it did not have the proper link attached to it...not my fault. The caption stated that you should perform each one 20x each without resting in between and then repeat 1-2 times. I did 10 reps of each and repeated once, without stopping I might add...with my head held high! OH. MY...for the love of all that is good and holy...I was dying. I was seriously so incredibly sore for the next 3 days. My ribs, by upper and lower abs, and my back were killing me and I loved it! It's something I can do to work my way into this whole "working out" thing. I know my body needed it because it was screaming profanities I would never repeat out loud.

So, of course, I wallowed in my sore core for 3 days and then decided I had better work to keep it up today. Solomon and I went for a long walk to grab lunch and then say hi to dad who was working a couple blocks away. When we got back I did this routine again and then added squats, lunges, and jumping jacks after. I am also working on my arms with light dumb bells. I was still feeling it again today but I feel so much better being active, and Solomon loved watching me do jumping jacks. Seriously, he was screaming with delight. That kid kills me.
Here we are on the porch afterwards. My legs were killing me.

Oh, and just a funny little thing I found, since I love pictures so much...
I am using John's computer because my screen is busted and I found this in Photobooth. We must have taken it after one of the 9 times we got back together. Look at that curly hair! I'm glad we got our act together and made this stick. I sure do love that man.

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