March 27, 2012

Plus One

Mr. Z's little sister got married Sunday in a beautiful evening ceremony and we are so happy to welcome her husband to the family! The weekend was filled with spa time for the girls and manly men time for the boys (whatever it is that boys do). Baby Z was the picture of perfection the whole weekend, sleeping peacefully and waking only to eat and coo at the many different family and friends he was being passed to. I did manage to snag a pic on my phone of him with his Aunt and new Uncle.
Monday, however, turned out to be another story. John and I were exhausted from all the events over weekend and he decided to take Monday off so we could sleep in and have a quiet day. It was nice to stay home, just the 3 of us, and enjoy the day. We went and got lunch, ran a few errands, and watched TV the rest of the day. Well, we did get a little cleaning in the kitchen done, too.
Today, Mr. Z is back to work and Baby Z and I are doing a whole lot of nothing right now. Mr. Z's birthday is coming up on Sunday, April Fools Day, and I am trying to plan a little something for us to do. I think it will be our first date alone without the babe. We are both looking forward to a few hours alone.

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